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Strategic Communications Planning


Smart, innovative strategy should drive everything. We bring years of experience working in the halls of Congress and on the country’s toughest political campaigns to tailor unique action plans that move the needle on your unique goals and break through the noise. 

Earned Media Execution, Booking & Training


It’s never been harder to get attention than in the current media environment.  Our  experienced communications operatives will help your operation execute on a press strategy that gets your message heard. Whether it’s pitching reporters, booking media interviews or pulling together an event, we’ve got you covered.  

Crisis Communications & Rapid Response


Are you facing a challenging situation that needs to be neutralized? Driving an issue campaign in a media environment that changes minute-by-minute?  We’ve built dozens of highly effective war rooms that can help you win in high stakes environments.



Whether you are looking to reach the constituents of specific lawmakers back home or building your narrative from scratch, we will help craft your message with precision and get it to the people who need to hear it.

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About Petkanas Strategies

About Zac

Zac Petkanas is a veteran communications strategist and messaging expert with more than 15 years experience working at the highest levels of Capitol Hill and on the toughest political and advocacy campaigns in the country. 

He cut his teeth and rose quickly in the trenches of Congress, beginning as press secretary to the House Committee on Rules and finishing as Communications Director to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He spent nearly a decade living on the road,  running communications for the hardest fought congressional, state and presidential campaigns in the country from Harry Reid’s legendary 2010 Senate re-election to running rapid response for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential operation.

Petkanas is an expert at building and running communications War Rooms. As Senior Advisor to the Democratic National Committee, he built and ran the acclaimed Trump War Room to hold the new administration accountable through its first 100 days, including through the cabinet confirmation process, Supreme Court confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and policies like the Muslim Ban. 

Since then, he’s built dozens of rapid response operations for coalitions and organizations, including around the Coronavirus pandemic, the Mueller Report, both Trump impeachments, passing the Inflation Reduction Act, the Trump indictments, and attacks on voting rights in the 2020 election. 

Petkanas is a frequent commentator on cable news and appears regularly in the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press and many other major media outlets.

Petkanas Strategies Team

Petkanas Strategies is staffed with experienced communications operatives who have been battle tested in the most challenging and complicated campaigns, causes and corporate environments in the country. 

We bring years worth of media relationships and experience handling every possible scenario from product launches to crisis communications. This top tier team utilizes a blend of traditional and modern communication channels to optimize message reach and impact – and deliver for our clients.

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