César Vargas-Torrico

César Vargas-Torrico is the Communications Associate at Petkanas Strategies, where he works with the team to craft communications materials and helps manage, create, and distribute materials on behalf of clients. Before joining Petkanas Strategies, César served as the Press Assistant for Senator Chris Coons, where he played a key role in the management of the […]

Joann Saridakis

Joann Saridakis is the Campaigns Director at Petkanas Strategies, where she helps spearhead the development of our expanding advocacy campaign and war room practice. Before joining Petkanas Strategies, Joann served as Regional Campaigns Director at the League of Conservation Voters, where she guided electoral and issue advocacy efforts across 16 states, helping secure critical Democratic […]

Maya Hixson

Maya Hixson is a seasoned political media, issue advocacy, and public affairs expert with almost a decade of experience. She specializes in building large-scale messaging campaigns and coalitions nationwide, crafting impactful communication strategies across corporate, electoral, and non-profit sectors. She has led successful campaigns across various issue areas including tech and global solutions, climate action, […]

Ryan Thomas

Having worked at the intersection of government, campaigns, and issue advocacy, Ryan Thomas helps our clients—ranging from nonprofits and issue advocacy groups, to private companies—achieve their communications goals and generate media coverage for their work in order to advance their agendas. Ryan was most recently the Coalitions Communications Director on Mandela Barnes for Wisconsin and […]

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Shoot us a message. We look forward to working with you in the future!